2 hour 100cc enduro: KRD R2R retains trophy with win over karting singapore

Saturday, 15 December 2012
Sepang Kart Circuit (CW)

63 drivers in 21 teams participated in 2 hour Night Endurance race. Fortunately, the rain stayed away except for a few spots of drizzle during qualifying. The race end at 10:45pm. The race ran without any hitches with no major incident.

Congratulations to KRD R2R Racing 1 comprising Daniel Francis, Michael Bovim and Bjorn Bovim for winning the first night time endurance race. The young drivers had a 1 lap gap to Karting Singapore Team 4 in second place. Third place went to Predator 2 Alien Racing.

Entry List

RegTeamKart #Total Weight (kg)Ballast (kg)Driver 1Driver 2Driver 3
1Claw Racing Team 132047LiangNik FarisKamal Afiq
2Claw Racing Team 2162086ZulfadliAmin NorizanS Amin
3Terminator 1 - Alien RT71999IskEugene LimMuhaymin
4Terminator 2 - Alien RT1918812AjakNazaDanny Choo
5Predator 1 - Alien RT91999WilkinHanif CDTarmizi
6Predator 2 - Alien RT2119111EdwynJK LimBrian Lee
7Kacau Daun Racing Team 122086LuenKentRoger
8Kacau Daun Racing Team 252115Patrick TanRizal HalimVincent
9Kartingsingapore.com 11419610BongAlvin KuanJovan
10Kartingsingapore.com 21819111JeffreyChen Xue HaiDavid Lau
11Kartingsingapore.com 3132260Jonathan Limcharles theseiraCharles Teo
12Kartingsingapore.com 412134Lawrence LeeJacky LeeKevin Pang
13KRD R2R Racing Team 1417018Daniel FrancisMichael BovimBjorn Bovim
14KRD R2R Racing Team 21717716Kang YoonMike SivaAmirun
15Hornetz Racing Team 1818314FazzAimanFirdaus
16Hornetz Racing Team 22019510SyamAsminAdie
17TeleVAS Tail happy Racing Team 162144ChrisYusAzlan
18TeleVAS Tail happy Racing Team 2102211ZogsIvanKen
19Driven Racing Team 1112280HarveEu EarnWong KK
20Driven Racing Team 2152240RashidiMegatFairuz
21Team Last Minute122211HaslinaAshraffAshish

Race update

Final Race Result

poskartteamlapsdiffbest lap timein lap
14KRD R2R Racing Team 1115-0:58.0776
21Karting Singapore Team 41141 lap0:59.56442
321Alien Racing Team Predator 21123 laps0:59.6147
416Claw Racing Team 21123 laps1:00.1503
52Kacau Daun Racing 11114 laps0:59.59513
619Alien Racing Team Terminator 21114 laps0:59.94999
722TeleVAS Tail Happy Racing 11114 laps1:00.2308
818Karting Singapore Team 21114 laps0:59.33513
911Alien Racing Team Terminator 11114 laps0:58.0977
108Hornetz Racing Team 11096 laps1:00.97016
113Claw Racing Team 11096 laps1:00.39067
126Karting Singapore Team 31087 laps0:59.07130
1310TeleVAS Tail Happy Racing 21078 laps1:00.33055
1423Team Last Minute1069 laps0:58.9788
155Kacau Daun Racing 210510 laps1:00.99091
1614Karting Singapore Team 110411 laps1:01.77015
179Driven Racing Team 29718 laps0:59.87210
1815Hornetz Racing Team 29718 laps0:58.76674
197Alien Racing Team Predator 19322 laps1:01.67088
2013Driven Racing Team 19124 laps1:00.43028
2117KRD R2R Racing Team 28134 laps0:59.00226


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pls post your race report and experience here. UpUpUpBeer

Congrats to KRD R2R Racing Team 1 & everyone in this race..!! Smile

First of all, thank you to the organizers. I had a good learning experience racing with all of you and the event management is awesome. I see that some steps have been taken to improve on last year's event mishaps and it shows that My-Kart cares about the quality of its race events.

So again, kudos!

Claw Racing Team 1 & 2 had an amazing race. We are glad to see that we have improved somewhat. Team 1 had a mishap with the kart (difficult to build up the revs). I have raced with these karts before and quite familiar with the throttle, but our kart was really stubborn on the rev department hence the slow start - dropped to almost last position due to this. Also, something is definitely wrong with the brakes; during the race I felt like I had to start braking like 1km from the corner! Huge braking distance but adaptability is part of the game I guess. Somehow managed to climbed back to 11th place so I am quite happy with that.

Team 2 had an uneventful race so to speak. Good pace and great strategy prevailed when Team 2 climbed up the grid to secure 4th place in the end. There was an issue with the fuel but I believe it was rectified during one of the stops and didn't lose position so all good.

We are looking forward to the team series next year and we are working on our driver line ups. We expect the same 2 CRT teams to join but we will see. Now we are just waiting for the rules & regulations for next year's team series. We will continue our attempt to stay as the underdog team Tongue

Lastly, forza My-Kart!

- Nik Faris @ CRT

p/s: BTW, to all the other drivers, your on-track driving attitude is amazing! I can clearly see that safety was on everyone's mind and am glad to have raced with all of you!