TEAMS series draft proposal (2013)

For 2013, my-kart will be re-introducing the TEAMS series based on an endurance format.

Goals of TEAMS series (2013)

  • bring more spectators
  • drive more corporate participation (eg sponsorship)
  • bring in more race participants
  • venue neutral - provided sufficient karts in good condition can be made available

Concept in a nutshell

It is similar to The Edge magazine's annual Rat Race, but run annually over a few races in a year. The Teams and brands are the heroes, with a secondary emphasis on drivers. Each race format are endurance formats, rather than short sprint formats.

We expect around 10 teams participating for the year long series. The series duration is spread over a few months with a minimum of 4 races annually.

Each team selects their drivers, but the drivers need not be the same drivers throughout the year except that the team principal who could be one of the drivers should not change.

Each team is encouraged to bring sponsors, team uniforms etc to strengthen the team identity.

Sponsors have the option of sponsoring only the team or the whole series.

A possible consideration is for teams to also allow sponsor for the race equipment on leased basis.