my-KART 2013 Season Reports

2013 will be the 11th season for my-KART's amateur karters race series. Unlike the past 10 seasons, the 2013 season discontinues the two DRIVERS series categories - K1 and K3. Instead for 2013, my-kart will focus on the TEAMS series.

The TEAMS series are team-based endurance races with emphasis on teamwork, strategy and execution. Further information on the 2013 TEAMS series is here:

It is a new beginning for my-kart, so who will be the team to be reckoned with in 2013? Team KRD R2R were the winners of the past two one off endurance races of 2011 and 2012. Will they return to contest the 2013 season and stamp their dominance? Or will a new team appear? Alternatively, could one of the older teams - Aliens, Televas, Tail Happy, Novice, Kacau Daun, Hornetz, Vertical Speed etc resurrect their competitiveness in 2013? Will we see "branded" teams with tier 1 sponsors?

All this remains to be seen for 2013. So start forming your teams now!

This book will capture and collect the various reports from the 2013 my-KART season focusing on the TEAMS series 2013 races, any once off events and others.

The TEAMS series will be a 5 race season (including the grand finale) that pits team against team for 5 challenging rounds.


It is hoped that this book will be a easy reference for my-KART members to view the race results, reports and some photos.

The chapters in this book is split by the 2013 series and once off races.

Please do give me your feedback which will go a long way towards improving the service to my-KART members further.