DRIVERS series (K1, K2 and K3)

The K2 and K3 series was introduced in 2004 due to the increased demands and capability of drivers. Prior to this, the 2003 DRIVERS (formerly known as KART) series was run only on funkarts and 80cc 2-stroke karts.

With the introduction of the K2 and K3 series in 2004, the DRIVERS series is now consolidated as the amateur drivers' championship whereby keen amateur motor-sports enthusiasts compete with each other over a full racing season to claim the top honours & glory and hence own the bragging rights as the best amateur karter in the Klang Valley. A new K1 series (125cc karts) was introduced in 2008 with slightly different rules, but run under the DRIVERS series umbrella.

The DRIVERS series is an individual race series which emphasises consistency, race craft, adaptability, strategy in addition to the prerequisites of racing skill.

In addition to this the DRIVERS series emphasises the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

The rules of the DRIVERS series are contained within this section.