Round 1, TEAMS race report - IKC Rookies takes the first win of 2013

Sunday, 10 March 2013
Shah Alam Stadium Kart Circuit (CW)

Please post your race report / experience on this thread.

Race update

Time qualifying report*

PosTeamKartBest Lap

I don't have the qualifying reports. please send me if any of you have them.

Race report**

PosTeamKartGridlapsGapBest TimePoints
1IKC Rookies51 82-1:03.065(75)20
2TeleVAS Dirty Old Men Fragrant Loconuts36 82+46.460s1:03.347(4)16
3TeleVAS Tail happy Racing35 81+1 lap1:04.125(22)14
4Claw Racing Team 146 81+5.329s1:04.135(64)12
5Team Last Minute53 81+18.019s1:02.696(65)11
6Alien RT Predator44 81+3.097s1:03.455(3)10
7Alien RT Terminator43 81+24.956s1:03.661(6)9
8BPMB Monster A52 80+2 laps1:04.928(9)8
9HSP 249 79+3 laps1:05.132(58 )7
10TeleVAS Raw63 78+4 laps1:04.988(35)6
11HSP 139 78+23.490s1:05.132(31)5
12Claw Racing Team 241 77+5 laps1:06.538(10)4
13KRD R2R Racing Team 140 77+14.971s1:03.978(4)3
14KRD R2R Racing Team 233 76+6 laps1:04.331(8 )2
15CR2 Bistro42 75+7 laps1:04.208(24)1
16Driven55 75+7 laps1:04.826(47)0
17TeleVAS Info Tech Systems48 75+7 laps1:05.803(69)0
18Claw Racing Team 345 74+8 laps1:05.395(36)0
19Rahsia Jelita50 71+11 laps1:04.333(19)0 158 66+16 laps1:04.497(16)0 257 61+21 laps1:03.424(19)0

Best lap of the day: Haslina Ali 1:02.696s (Team Last Minute)

Championship report

Overall Standings after Round 1

1IKC Rookies20
2TeleVAS Dirty Old Men Fragrant Loconuts16
3TeleVAS Tail happy Racing14
4Claw Racing Team 112
5Team Last Minute11
6Alien RT Predator10
7Alien RT Terminator9
8BPMB Monster A8
9HSP 27
10TeleVAS Raw6
11HSP 15
12Claw Racing Team 24
13KRD R2R Racing Team 13
14KRD R2R Racing Team 22
15CR2 Bistro1
17TeleVAS Info Tech Systems0
18Claw Racing Team 30
19Rahsia Jelita0 10 20


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pls post your race report and experience here. UpUpUpBeer

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Congrats to Team IKC Rookies! U shud change the team name I guess... Rookie 'sounds so terer for u guys!' Hahaha!