Round 1, TEAMS race report - IKC Rookies takes the first win of 2013

Sunday, 10 March 2013
Shah Alam Stadium Kart Circuit (CW)

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Race update

Time qualifying report*

[table Pos|Team|Kart|Best Lap
I don't have the qualifying reports. please send me if any of you have them.

Race report**

[table Pos|Team|Kart|Grid|laps|Gap|Best Time|Points
1|IKC Rookies|51||82|-|1:03.065(75)|20
2|TeleVAS Dirty Old Men Fragrant Loconuts|36||82|+46.460s|1:03.347(4)|16
3|TeleVAS Tail happy Racing|35||81|+1 lap|1:04.125(22)|14
4|Claw Racing Team 1|46||81|+5.329s|1:04.135(64)|12
5|Team Last Minute|53||81|+18.019s|1:02.696(65)|11
6|Alien RT Predator|44||81|+3.097s|1:03.455(3)|10
7|Alien RT Terminator|43||81|+24.956s|1:03.661(6)|9
8|BPMB Monster A|52||80|+2 laps|1:04.928(9)|8
9|HSP 2|49||79|+3 laps|1:05.132(58 )|7
10|TeleVAS Raw|63||78|+4 laps|1:04.988(35)|6
11|HSP 1|39||78|+23.490s|1:05.132(31)|5
12|Claw Racing Team 2|41||77|+5 laps|1:06.538(10)|4
13|KRD R2R Racing Team 1|40||77|+14.971s|1:03.978(4)|3
14|KRD R2R Racing Team 2|33||76|+6 laps|1:04.331(8 )|2
15|CR2 Bistro|42||75|+7 laps|1:04.208(24)|1
16|Driven|55||75|+7 laps|1:04.826(47)|0
17|TeleVAS Info Tech Systems|48||75|+7 laps|1:05.803(69)|0
18|Claw Racing Team 3|45||74|+8 laps|1:05.395(36)|0
19|Rahsia Jelita|50||71|+11 laps|1:04.333(19)|0
20| 1|58||66|+16 laps|1:04.497(16)|0
21| 2|57||61|+21 laps|1:03.424(19)|0]
Best lap of the day: Haslina Ali 1:02.696s (Team Last Minute)

Championship report

Overall Standings after Round 1

[table Rank|Team|Points
1|IKC Rookies|20
2|TeleVAS Dirty Old Men Fragrant Loconuts|16
3|TeleVAS Tail happy Racing|14
4|Claw Racing Team 1|12
5|Team Last Minute|11
6|Alien RT Predator|10
7|Alien RT Terminator|9
8|BPMB Monster A|8
9|HSP 2|7
10|TeleVAS Raw|6
11|HSP 1|5
12|Claw Racing Team 2|4
13|KRD R2R Racing Team 1|3
14|KRD R2R Racing Team 2|2
15|CR2 Bistro|1
17|TeleVAS Info Tech Systems|0
18|Claw Racing Team 3|0
19|Rahsia Jelita|0
20| 1|0
21| 2|0]