2013 TEAMS series - race reports

The TEAMS series are team-based endurance races with emphasis on teamwork, strategy and execution. Further information on the 2013 TEAMS series is here: http://club.my-kart.org/node/2498

It is a new beginning for my-kart, so who will be the team to be reckoned with in 2013? Team KRD R2R were the winners of the past two one off endurance races of 2011 and 2012. Will they return to contest the 2013 season and stamp their dominance? Or will a new team appear? Alternatively, could one of the older teams - Aliens, Televas, Tail Happy, Novice, Kacau Daun, Hornetz, Vertical Speed etc resurrect their competitiveness in 2013? Will we see "branded" teams with tier 1 sponsors?

This section captures and collects the race reports from the 2013 my-KART TEAMS series 2013 races.

Forza my-KART!