Seek your feedback for the TEAMS series

Submitted by TheFazz on Sat, 04 Jan 2014 - 11:37

Thank you all for participating the first #mykart TEAMS series event for 2013.

We believe it was a fairly successful series which garnered a good participation through the 5 races.

[table round|number of teams|number of drivers|cumulative teams

Overall we saw a throughput of 95 teams and 285 drivers. A throughput is defined as the number of "seats" taken during the year, ignoring repeat participants.

But looking at the trend it would appear that the participation is tapering off in the last two rounds. We would like to understand why this is so, and what can be done to reverse the trend moving forward if we want to sustain the series.

Thus, we would like to have your feedbacks on what we can do to improve the 2014 series and beyond.

Not just that, we would like more volunteers to help us out.

Some further reading:
2013 Draft of the TEAMS series proposal - the concept and ideas are here

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Mon, 06 Jan 2014 - 15:51

One reason I could think of, and one that affected my team was the timing towards the last 2 races. At the end of the year, a high number of people would be clearing their leave and probably on holidays out of town with their families. Or it could be the wedding period where there are many wedding dinners to attend on the weekends.
I'm not saying the schedule needs to be changed, just the possible reason why there is a lower turnout at the end of the year.