2014 TEAMS series Rules and Regulations

[table 1.0 Race Format & Timing
1.1 / Registration: 1 hour
1.2 / Briefing: 30 mins
1.3 / Kart balloting, ballast distribution & ballast installation: 30 mins
1.4 / Practice & Qualifying: 30 mins
1.5 / Race: 90 mins]

[table 2.0 Kart Information
2.1 / Yamaha 100cc 2 Stroke Engine
2.2 / Tyres: determined by operator
2.3 / Spare karts if available
2.4 / One chain lube for each kart / team (it is the team’s responsibility to spray the chain lube when necessary)]

[table 3.0 Registration Fees
3.1 / Price per team: RM750
3.2 / Price per driver: equally shared by team members (RM250 each driver)
3.3 / Full payment due date: payment on race day - cash, or cheque made to mykart Promotions Sdn Bhd
3.4 / Payment instructions: MAYBANK 512-754-306-333 (mykart Promotions Sdn Bhd) - email scanned bank-in receipts to @fazz27@gmail.com AND @shahrulazlan@gmail.com ]

[table 4.0 Team Details
4.1 / Drivers per Team: 3 Drivers
4.2 / Only the TEAM collects points for the full season. The TEAM is considered the same if at least one driver has driven in all of 5 races. The captain may decide to change drivers from one round to another allowing flexibility.
4.3 / Every team is allowed to bring in any sponsors of their own. The side pods of the kart are reserved for the sponsors. The front pods are reserved for my-kart usage.
4.4 / Each driver will drive ONLY ONE (1) time during the entire race.
4.5 / Minimum total team weight: 225kg being the aggregate weight of the 3 drivers (Excluding kart)
4.6 / There is no handicap for female drivers or a team with all female drivers.
4.7 / When the team does not meet the Minimum Weight requirements, ballast will be added to the team’s kart. However, the maximum ballast allowed will be 10kg. Therefore, the aggregate driver weights must not be below 195kg (the Qualifying Weight) in order to qualify for race entry. In the event the underweight teams are allowed to race, for each 5kg below the Qualifying Weight, the team will be penalised 1 lap each.]

[table 5.0 Registration Procedures, Practice and Qualifying Procedures
5.1 / Each team must consist of 3 drivers declared by registration close
5.2 / At close registration, if a team has less than 3 drivers present & weighed, the team is allowed to race but will not be classified.
5.3 / We do not accept late registrations on race day.
5.4 / All drivers MUST be present for registration.
5.5 / All drivers will be weighed without their racing gears during the registration.
5.6 / Kart allocation will be balloted.
5.7 / Ballast will be fastened to each assigned kart before the practice and qualifying.
5.8 / No restriction for numbers of driver change during practice and qualifying.
5.9 / If there is any change of kart during qualifying or the entire race, ballast must be transferred to the new assigned kart or spare kart before going out of the pit.
5.10 / All teams will start their qualifying session with a full tank of fuel and will bring the remaining to the starting grid.
5.11 / When qualifying is over, all teams will have to park the kart at the grid and the kart must remain un-touched until the green flag is waved.
5.12 / If your kart has problems that needed to be fix after qualifying, you will start from the back of the grid. The race will start without you if the repair cannot finish on time. However, a spare kart if available can be use as a replacement and you will start at the back of the grid.
5.13 / If any team failed to do any of the above, the team will be penalized and will start from the back of the grid with the correction being done.]

[table 6.0 Race Procedures
6.1 / Race will start as per Le Mans procedure whereby the driver will run towards their kart.
6.2 / All drivers must drive a total of ONE (1) stint only.
6.3 / If any driver does not complete their stint, the team will be penalized 5 laps less after the race.
6.4 / In the event, a driver is not able to comply to the One (1) stint rule due to stoppage time needed for repairs or kart change strictly in the pit area, it is the driver's responsibility to inform the marshal, otherwise 5 laps less penalty will be awarded to the team after the race. However, stoppage time on the track for whatever reason will still be regarded as part of the driver's stint.]

[table 7.0 Driver Change Procedures
Scenario / Driver A = Driver & Driver B = Waiting for driver change
7.1 / During driver change, Driver A must drive the kart to the pit area.
7.2 / Driver A must TURN OFF the engine while Driver B is waiting behind the pit lane border.
7.3 / Driver B can only go to his / her kart when Driver A has passed the pit lane border.
7.4 / Driver B now can start the engine and exit the pit area.
7.5 / Driver A is responsible to report to the marshal post and "sign-in" at the end of his stint.
7.6 / If a driver does a pit stop for lubricant, refueling, tire(s) change or for any technical fault, and he / she continues the race, that pit stop(s) will NOT be regarded as a stint.
7.7 / All pit stop reporting must be done by the driver and not team members.
7.8 / Only 1 set of tires are provided for the entire race but no wet tires are provided
7.9 / Five laps less penalty will be awarded to any team found breaching any of the above rules.]

[table 8.0 Mandatory Stop for Driver Change
8.1 / There are TWO (2) 10 minutes pit windows and it opens at a certain time.
8.2 / First pit window is open at minute 25 and close at minute 35.
8.3 / Second pit window is open at minute 55 and close at minute 65.]

[table 9.0 Mechanical Failures
9.1 / In the event of any mechanical failure(s) during the race, the team can choose to retire from the race or to push the kart back to the pit for a mechanical repair.
9.2 / If the team chooses to continue the race, only the team members are allowed to push the kart back to the pit.
9.3 / All repairs are on first come first serve basis.
9.4 / If the kart cannot be repaired due to mechanical failure, the team is allowed to change to a spare kart.
9.5 / The team must ensure that all ballast are transferred to the spare kart.
9.6 / Once the team has changed to the spare kart, the team must drive the spare kart till the end of the race.
9.7 / If the spare kart is found with not enough ballast on it, the team will be penalized 5 laps less.
9.8 / Please be reminded that all spare karts might not be in the best condition from City Karting and therefore overall performance may vary.
9.9 / No one is allowed to make changes (settings or setups) to the kart except CK Mechanics even if you are a kart mechanic as a profession.
9.10 / If the kart cannot be repaired due to an accident, the team will be declared as DNF and will not be allowed a spare kart as replacement.
9.11 / During the race, if your kart has lost any side bumper, the team will be alerted by marshals and the team must bring in the driver to get the missing bumper replaced.
9.12 / In any case, if there is no new bumper, the driver will have to collect the missing bumper from the track after pitting in.
9.13 / If any team is found not following any of the Mechanical Failures Rules and Regulations, the team will be given 5 laps less penalty.]

[table 10.0 Rain, Restarts and Race Termination
10.1 / If the rain conditions are too dangerous, the race will be stopped.
10.2 / A red flag will be waved to indicate the race being stopped.
10.3 / The results of the race will be based on the positions recorded at the end of the previous completed lap by the race leader prior to the race being stopped.
10.4 / Teams are not allowed to do any refueling or driver change or mechanical repairs and adjustment while waiting for the race to restart under a red flag condition.
10.5 / Upon restart, the teams shall start according to the positions from the previous race section prior to the stoppage. Timing difference between teams will be reduced to a single-file formation. However, lap differences shall be retained.
10.6 / During a restart from any point of the race, no overtaking or changing positions and returning to the appoint positions after that; are allowed before the start / finish line.
10.7 / If any team is found not following any of the Rain, Restarts and Race Termination Rules and Regulations, the team will be given a 5 laps penalty.]

[table 11.0 Accidents and Emergencies
11.1 / If any accident has occurred, whereby attention is needed, depending on the severity of the accident, a yellow flag shall be waved or a safety kart will be sent out, or in a serious accident; the race will be red flagged until necessary attention can be rendered.
11.2 / The race will restart after the accident has been cleared.
11.3 / During a safety kart at any point of the race, no overtaking or changing positions and returning to the appoint positions after that are allowed.
11.5 / Teams are allowed to make their pit stop during the safety kart period and will have to rejoin the race from the back of the grid.
11.6 / If any team is found not following any of the Accident and Emergencies Rules and Regulations, the team will be given a 5 laps penalty.]

[table 12.0 Other Matters
12.1 / Please report to the marshals, if you see any teams breaking the rules even if the marshals did not notice.
12.2 / It takes at least two (2) teams to make a case for any report.
12.3 / The race organizers may abandon, cancel or postpone the competition due to not receiving more than the desired entries or unforeseen circumstances including Acts of God.
12.4 / The race organizers may refuse an entry without giving any reason.
12.5 / The race organizers may deliberate on any issues not stated in these regulations and their decision shall be final.
12.6 / The race organizers have the right to stop the race immediately due to any unavoidable circumstances as the case may be.]

[table 13.0 Championship Points - Double points for final round>>
Pos|Points Rounds1-4|Points Round5