Round 1, TEAMS race report - Tail Happy Racing proves age no barrier to winning

Saturday, 12 April 2014 - 11am
City Karting Circuit (CW)

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Race update

Time qualifying report

[table Grid|Team|Kart|Best Time|Gap
1|Tail Happy Racing|52|1:02.980|-
2|IKC Rookies|60|1:03.464|+0.484
3|Claw Racing Team|57|1:03.605|+0.141
4|DOM PLCC|50|1:04.407|+0.802
5|Family Gangster|46|1:04.560|+0.153
6|QV Racing|64|1:04.769|+0.209
7|CR2 Bistro Racing|40|1:05.276|+0.507
8|IKC Novice|43|1:05.576|+0.300
9|Wheel 2 Wheel Racing|33|1:07.134|+1.558]

Race report

[table Final Pos|Team|Kart|Grid|laps|Best Timeā€¦| lap|Points
1|Tail Happy Racing|52|1|83|1:03.426|55|20
2|Claw Racing Team|57|3|82|1:02.732|3|16
3|QV Racing|64|6|81|1:03.141|13|14
4|Family Gangster|46|5|81|1:03.484|6|12
5|CR2 Bistro Racing|40|7|80|1:03.104|6|11
6|Wheel 2 Wheel Racing|33|9|79|1:04.303|34|10
7|DOM PLCC|50|4|79|1:04.418|17|9
8|IKC Rookies|60|2|78|1:02.939|22|8
9|IKC Novice|43|8|72|1:03.305|16|7]

Best lap of the day: 1:02.732 Claw Racing Team

Championship report

Overall Standings after Round 1

[table Rank|Team|R1|R2|R3|R4|R5|Total
1|Tail Happy Racing|20|||||20
2|Claw Racing Team|16|||||16
3|QV Racing|14|||||14
4|Family Gangster|12|||||12
5|CR2 Bistro Racing|11|||||11
6|Wheel 2 Wheel Racing|10|||||10
7|DOM PLCC|9|||||9
8|IKC Rookies|8|||||8
9|IKC Novice|7|||||7]