2014 TEAMS series ballast rules

Submitted by TheFazz on Sat, 12 Apr 2014 - 22:22

We've just completed the first round of the 2014 my-kart TEAMS series.

We've had some informal feedback on the ballast rules for 2014.

Please give us your feedback on this page and provide some suggestions that we can implement to improve the ballast rules.

The full 2014 rules are here: http://club.my-kart.org/node/3853

An extract of the ballast rules -

[table 4.0 Team Details
4.1 / Drivers per Team: 3 Drivers
4.2 / Only the TEAM collects points for the full season. The TEAM is considered the same if at least one driver has driven in all of 5 races. The captain may decide to change drivers from one round to another allowing flexibility.
4.3 / Every team is allowed to bring in any sponsors of their own. The side pods of the kart are reserved for the sponsors. The front pods are reserved for my-kart usage.
4.4 / Each driver will drive ONLY ONE (1) time during the entire race.
4.5 / Minimum total team weight: 225kg being the aggregate weight of the 3 drivers (Excluding kart)
4.6 / There is no handicap for female drivers or a team with all female drivers.
4.7 / When the team does not meet the Minimum Weight requirements, ballast will be added to the team’s kart. However, the maximum ballast allowed will be 10kg. Therefore, the aggregate driver weights must not be below 195kg (the Qualifying Weight) in order to qualify for race entry. In the event the underweight teams are allowed to race, for each 5kg below the Qualifying Weight, the team will be penalised 1 lap each.]

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dear all - we are considering time based penalties to replace the lap penalties for the underweight teams.

please give your feedback on this thread.

Here is the IDEA:

Teams below the 195kg aggregate weight will need to carry the 10kg ballast and on top of that will incur a certain time penalty for every 15kg aggregate (or 5kg per driver) below the 195kg allowable weight. The time penalty shall be implemented in the form of a stop go penalty (during the first driver stint).

The amount of time in the stop go penalty will need to be determined based on actual data.

In order to determine the penalty time I would like to propose a special test session to determine the time impact of additional 5kg per driver. The test session will be run as follows:

1- we need 3 drivers who can do consistent fast laps
2- the 3 drivers will be of 3 different weight categories: ~50kg; ~65kg; ~75kg
3- each driver will be assigned a 100cc kart each throughout the test session
4- each driver will run 10 flying laps first without ballast; and in the next sortie with (say) 5kg or 10kg ballast.
5- we will note the lap times of each 10 laps, and take the average of the median lap times that are within 0.2secs of each other (we will disregard outlier lap times).
6- we will do the same test for another 10 laps, this time with ballasts.
7- the time differences of the average of the median laps will be attributed to the difference in weights (ballasts)
8- we will plot the time difference per kg for the 3 drivers
9- assuming we fastened 10kg ballasts for each driver and we found that this slows their lap times by an average of (say) 1sec, then we can therefore establish that for every 10kg underweight the team will be penalised 1 sec per lap. SO for a 80 lap race, the time penalty will be 80secs.

I would like to suggest that we do this test soon. Any volunteers (for each category)? Only consistent drivers may apply please.