25 May 2014 Ballast tests on 100cc public rental karts

Submitted by TheFazz on Mon, 26 May 2014 - 00:49

Dear all,

5 volunteers turned up at the Shah Alam kart circuit on Sunday 25 May 2014 from 2-4pm.

The weather was hot and dry.

Actual test session was conducted between 3pm and 4:15pm.

Driver details:

[table Driver|Weight (kg)|Kart No (100cc public rental)
Bryan |67|32
Fazz Rahman |71|25
Zul Samad|63|27
Selim |61|28
Jin Kai Lim |56|24]

We conducted TWO 10 minute test sessions with the drivers above using the same kart in both sessions.

Here were the outcomes:


[table |Bryan |Zul Samad|Fazz Rahman |Selim |Jin Kai Lim


[table |Bryan |Zul Samad|Fazz Rahman |Selim |Jin Kai Lim

If you were to download these data onto a spreadsheet and calculate the average, median lap times - both with and without the lap time outliers, you will find the following results:

[table Driver|Weight (kg)|Kart No (100cc public rental)|Average diff|Median diff|Remarks
Bryan |67|32|+1.0secs|+1.0secs|-
Fazz Rahman |71|25|+0.0secs|+0.0secs|kart was tweaked in 2nd stint
Zul Samad|63|27|+1.2secs|+1.2secs|-
Selim |61|28|+0.0secs|+1.1secs|tyre pressure adjusted in 2nd stint
Jin Kai Lim |56|24|+0.5secs|+0.5secs|throttle problem fixed in 2nd stint]

Based on the above data, we conclude that every 10kg difference in weight (driver & kart) results in approximately 1sec difference in lap time.

Amending this to the 2014 TEAMS series rules (relevant extracts of full rules http://club.my-kart.org/node/3853 below) -

[table 4.0 Team Details
4.1 / Drivers per Team: 3 Drivers
4.2 / Only the TEAM collects points for the full season. The TEAM is considered the same if at least one driver has driven in all of 5 races. The captain may decide to change drivers from one round to another allowing flexibility.
4.3 / Every team is allowed to bring in any sponsors of their own. The side pods of the kart are reserved for the sponsors. The front pods are reserved for my-kart usage.
4.4 / Each driver will drive ONLY ONE (1) time during the entire race.
4.5 / Minimum total team weight: 225kg being the Aggregate Weight of the 3 drivers (Excluding kart)
4.6 / There is no handicap for female drivers or a team with all female drivers.
4.7 / When the team does not meet the Minimum Weight requirements, ballast will be added to the team’s kart. However, the maximum ballast allowed will be 10kg per kart. Therefore, the aggregate driver weights must not be below 195kg (the Allowable Weight) in order to be ballasted for race entry. Underweight teams will be allowed to race, but for each 15kg below the Allowable Weight (or 5kg per driver), the team will be penalised 0.5secs per lap (Shah Alam) each multiplied by the expected duration of the race.
4.8 / The time penalty will be applied by the organisers at the start of the race, meaning the teams with a time penalty will start after the time penalty has been served. For example: if a team's Aggregate Weight is 180kg, it needs to carry 10kg ballasts, AND will be penalised 0.5secs lap time penalty per lap over the expected 80 lap race at Shah Alam. This team will be held for 40secs after the race has started before it can start its own race.]

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[quote=Kolby]So teams underweight need to start 40 seconds after the race and will be penalized 0.5sec per lap?[/quote]

They will carry 10kg ballasts. If they are still underweight, for every 15kg aggregate underweight, they will be penalized 40secs at the start of the race. The 40secs is equivalent to 0.5secs per lap for 80 laps.