MEGA Endurance supplementary regulations 2005

These supplementary regulations are intended to support the main regulations and are specific to the particular event.

1. Registration Closing Date:

12 hours before start of event registrations.

2. Maximum Number of Teams:

12 teams

3. Entry Fees:

RM700 per team of 4 drivers. This fee will cover the kart rental, Sepang track fee, St John's Ambulance and my-KART admin.

4. Starting Procedure:

4.1 Grid order: All drivers from each team will be weighed upon registration on the day. The aggregate weight of the drivers will determine the starting order for the endurance race. The heaviest team will start first, and the lightest last. Any team below the minimum weight will not be allowed to start.

4.2 Starting order: Teams will be sent out onto the circuit in the grid order. The teams will make a slow formation lap towards the grid without any overtaking. The teams will be required to stop on the grid at the designated positions by the track marshalls, and will be green flagged once the next team is within 3 kart lengths behind.

4.3 Kart failures on the formation lap: Any kart failure on the formation lap will not cause the start to be aborted, unless there are special circumstances deemed by the race director appropriate for a re-start (eg, multiple kart failures).

4.4 Aborted Start: This will be allowed under special circumstances. If the start is aborted, the re-start follows the same normal starting procedure.

5. Driving Time:

The race length is 90 minutes. The teams are required to change drivers (mandatory) during each of the 3 pitstop windows. The pitstop windows will be 10 minutes long each, and will be spaced equally apart during the full race duration.

6. Refuelling:

6.1 When to refuel: Each team may need to refuel during the course of the race. The team will need to determine when is the most appropriate time for the refuelling to take place. Refuelling can be carried out at any time deemed appropriate by the team during the race.

6.2 Where & How to refuel: The teams will be advised during the pre-race drivers briefing on the location of the refuelling bay. The engines will need to be switched off and the driver must alight from the kart for the refuelling. Refuelling can only be done by the Kart & Circuit Operator's crew.

7. Minimum Weight for drivers

The teams shall comprise 4 drivers each. The aggregate weights of all the 4 drivers must be no less than 280kgs. If practical, ballasts may be added to the underweight teams. The team's minimum weight requirement will be reduced by 10kgs for every female driver in the team. For example, if a team has 3 male and 1 female driver, the minimum weight shall be 280kg - 10kgs = 270kgs. Hence, a team comprising 4 female drivers shall have a minimum weight requirement of 240kgs.