Enduro 1: Team Heavies clinch season opener

Shah Alam
Saturday, 8 January 2005

Team Heavies beat the sun and rain to take the championship honours from 13 other competing teams in the first myKART annual 2-hour endurance race.

Drama started early for Team Heavies when last minute drive contract egotiations almost resulted in the team being ineligible to enter the event. As it turned out, star driver Yip Yen had disagreed to the race fee of one nasi lemak which in his words was "a disgrace and insulting for a driver of my calibre".

Team Heavies captain, Shahrul Azlan however had other ideas. Noticing that Salehuddin "Schumi" Udi was available, he quickly drafted a contract and snagged Udi at a steal. In fact, Udi had to pay for the
drive with one nasi lemak. Now Heavies were no longer heavies.... well only 5kg heavier than the minimum weight.

At the initial practice, Heavies first driver, Khairul Hizam complained that his kart lacked power. But as it turned out, Khairul practically blitzed the whole field in the first stint. 2nd man Simon Tan and captain Azlan further consolidated their lead position through the first one and a half hours. At the final stint super sub Udi stepped into the kart and drove the final nail in the coffin of the other competitors, and posted the fastest lap time of the day of 1'11.599s. As the rain fell 5 laps from the end, Udi had to only keep the kart pointing in the right direction.

Full results as follows:

14 teams registered for the first myKART mega enduro event.
Pos,Team,Laps,Best time
2,cool it,89,1:12.375
4,fast & furious,87,1:14.065
5,mee fook yew,87,1:14.322
6,tail happy racing,87,1:14.153
8,team 156,86,1:14.786
9,mix doubles,85,1:15.658
10,need 4 speed underground,85,1:16.858
12,botak malat wankel,83,1:14.466
13,gila racing,83,1:15.966
14,initial D,80,1:17.270

Well done to everybody for being such great sports.

Also a big thanks to -
1. Steward for making the event happen thru sheer hard work
2. Azmee for being the deejay for the day with his PA system
3. Edy and others for bringing food
4. Wei Li for arranging some sponsors
5. Ron Lim for attending the event and giving out the prizes
6. Traffic magazine for covering the eveant
7. sponsors xTune, Momo, Mega Auto Service Workshop
8. Citykarting for the test drive prizes
9. Thanks to all of you for the gesture and the Gilles Villeneuve helmet

Round 1 of the KART 2005 season will start in earnest on Saturday, 5th February 2005.

Full driver list:

Team 1: Fast & Furious
1)John King - 81kg - Capt.
2)Terence Chap - 63kg
3)Shahnaz - 58kg
4)Yap Hui Nee - 48kg
Total Weight : 249kg
Paid RM400

Team 2:Tail Happy Racing
1)Fazz - 68kg - Capt.
2)Stanley - 66kg
3)Razmyn - 68kg
4)Siew Weng - 58kg
Total Weight : 260kg
Paid RM400

Team 3: Gila Racing
1)Brian E - Capt.
2)Jin -
3)Joon Tatt -
4)Ashraff -
Total Weight :
Paid RM400

Team 4 : Mee Fook Yew Seafood Restaurant
1)Nazim - 74kg - Capt.
2)Zoggee - 78kg
3)Brian -
4)Julian -
Total Weight :
Paid RM300 (1,2&3)

Team 5 :Heavies
1)Simon - 74kg - Capt.
2)Azlan - 78kg
3)Udi - ??kg
4)Khairul - 58kg
Total Weight : 2??kg
Paid RM300 (1,2&3)

Team 6 : Cool It!
1)Yip Yen - ??kg
2)Abd Razak - 50kg
4)Azmee - 62kg - Capt.
Total Weight :
Paid RM300 (1,2,3)

Team 7 :Underweights
1)Shern - 65kg
2)Kevin - 60kg
3)Tom Tan -55kg - Capt.
4)Ong Chee Yong - 65kg
Total Weight :245kg (Need 5kg More)
Paid RM100 (1)

Team 8 :156
1)Steward Loke - 95kg - Capt.
2)Danny Lee - 54kg
3)Luen - 75kg
4)??? - 63kg
Total Weight : 275kg
Paid: RM100 (3)

Team 9 : Initial D
1)Steven Chen - 63kg - Capt.
2)Yong Chee Choon - 60kg
3)Chong Li Shen - 60kg
4)Jack Ng - 60kg
Total Weight : 243kg (Need 7kg More)

Team 10 : Botak Malat Wankel Motorsports Div.
1)Ng Wei Li -- Capt.
2)Alvin J.
3)Fabian Yee
4)Jason Loo
Total Weight :

Team 11 : Romeo's
1)Dino - 85kg - Capt.
2)Tg.Ivan - 58kg
3)Melvin Goh - 65kg
4)Azmie - 68kg
Total Weight : 276kg

Team 12 : Backmarkers
1)Edy Hazry - 66kg - Capt.
2)Md.Hanafi - 70kg
3)Ahmad Kamal - 75kg
4)Rahim - 75kg
Total Weight : 291kg
Paid : RM400

Team 13 : Need4speed Undrground Lastest Version
1)Yusnee Yussoff - 75kg - Capt.
2)Azlee Idris - 75kg
3)Fiki Zul - 75kg
4)Hafidz F.Rozi - 65kg
Total Weight :290kg

Team 14 : Mix Doubles
1)Naliza - 60kg
2)Haslina - 44kg
3)Joey - 75kg - Capt.
4)Vincent - 75kg
Total Weight : 254kg