BTCC fans anyone?

Submitted by sabelt on Sat, 21 Oct 2006 - 03:37

Some ol' skool BTCC style. Missed those days..You'll hardly see this kind of action nowdays in touring car series.
Commentated by Murray Walker (former F1 commentator)
clip below

Silverstone Crash

Nigel Mansell rain action

Tarquini flipped

birmingham street circuit

btcc cars clipping the curbs

i love those BTCC / WTCC races.

classic BMW vs Alfa battle at the silverstone one. and mansell... what a berk! he goes all over the place bumps everybody leads the race and drops to 3rd. classic snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for mansell. cool. nice to see the ford sierra cosworths... monster cars. as usual, murray walker's commentary adds more colour to the race proceedings. love the way he squeeked when tarquini flipped.

cheers man.

not been following of late due to lack of sources / info / coverage.

yeah murray walker, wonder what he's up to now. No other commentator would match his voice. He's just something special to motorsport fans esp. in F1.

Current BTCC and WTCC are lack of overtaking nowdays. Watched then in other youtube videos. Quite boring to me. Blame on those GT wings.

1990's BTCC...Tarquini, John Cleland, Rydell... ahh memories...overtaking and slingshots almost every laps..

The BTCC race promoter/organiser back then, Alan Gow, went out of his way to make the BTCC entertaining. Sometimes he will use the slightest excuse to bring out the safety car to bunch up the cars so that they car race to the finish line in the last 3-4 laps.

Winklehock is also a character to watch, not to mention the sight of those big Volvo wagons on track!

Granted the current WTCC is nothing like the old BTCC, but it's still damn better than F1 anyday. I love the WTCC at Macau. The BMW's seem to reign supreme there.

Well, whilst I think BTCC is very exciting - I do also think it involves too much bumping and shoving, which fosters bad driving and those who want to be formula car drivers should not learn such tactics.....nor karters.

I like touring cars endurance style ala Bathurst better cos you have a bit of the shoving but with some reservation in mind.

24hrs r the best with the Worlds Sports Car or even those from the American Le Mans.....

Just my preference.