BATracer anyone?

Submitted by sabelt on Sun, 22 Oct 2006 - 05:36

Race driver manager game. It's FREE! Feel free to join them!

You'll be competing with other 'drivers' online. You may also advertise your sponsor/company in the website as low as USD20 in order to customise your own helmet, car livery, race strategy etc.

As a newbie, im currently competing in BTCC series championship. ID code: 8154. Come on! theres still few slots available.
There are few other championship as well..A1 racing, F1 and other touring car series.

You may only allowed to compete 2 championship series at time.

See you guys in the championship! Do look out for me, Ramsey Sabelt.



[quote=TheFazz]hey bro. tell us more. what is the online competition like?[/quote]

Its a browser webgame online. This game unique esp. you'll be able to change your driver settings, behaviour, pit strategy, practice, qualifying and race runs. Its a 'drivers' game instead being as a team manager.

First of all, you need to register before you can start the season. As a newcomer, I would suggest everyone here to start with short race such as BTCC. Two drivers needed per team. Currently, someone from UK just recently signed up my team.

The admin would close the server until it gets enough number of competitors. Dont worry, it would take you at least 30-40 days per season to play depending on which championship you joined. Obviously you really need to be commited on this.

You can take your own sweet time to do test runs to see how quick and reliable you are in the team. You'll be able to compare the timing with other 'drivers' with the official timing sheets provided.

The admin will notify the 'drivers' thru email for the upcoming next session begins. I couldnt explained further as the current qualifying session havent begin.

You also would be able to send a msg to with your teamate and other drivers. Dont worry its free but if you need to stay competitive in the championship, you need KT(KoolTools). What are the advantages of having KT? Please click the link below.

Good luck man!

Bro.. your BTCC already started when I try... and have also joined 2 other public games.. so now 3 games concurrently..

BTW.. how come some can have slicks?? I do not see that option except dry and wets?