ZTH enduro and other stuff

Submitted by TheFazz on Mon, 17 Jan 2005 - 08:23

Took part in the Zero to Hundred (ZTH) organised kart enduro event yesterday Sunday 16 Jan. I was quite impressed with the number of people who turned up and were mostly of fairly skilled karters.

This goes towards proving my long held belief that we (Malaysians) have a significant number of keen karters. The thing is, the whole industry has made no attempt to make it more conducive for the amateur karter to pit their skills on the race track in a proper environment.

What impressed me more was that the people participating in the ZTH event were largely different people who participated in the myKART enduro event just one week before! The ZTH event attracted some 70 drivers whilst the myKART event saw 56 drivers.

Overall the event organisation was fairly good, and the people there very friendly and professional. It is a joy to see amateur karting enjoying this kind of interest. I can only see this level of interest further growing.

On the race itself, our team - Tail Happy Racing - sufferred another setback due to a kart failure during our second driver stint. We did manage to get a replace kart but at the cost of 4 laps (which placed us last, I guess)! We further compounded this by taking a risk (my call) and made Stanley (our second driver) stretch his stint right up to the pit lane closing time... I basically miscalculated the stint and he came in just after the pit lane had closed. That cost us another 4 laps.

Anyway, there was not much further we could do except enjoy the remainder of the race - which I did. I was heavily involved in a two way dogfight for much of the last few laps. And at some times it was a 3 way dogfight. Everybody was very fair and did not pull any dirty tricks, so the battle was very enjoyable.

So despite finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard I went away satisfied with my day.