2007 KART series - K3 category (80cc)

The K3 category in the annual KART series is run on the 2-stroke 80cc rental karts. This category is recommended for new karters, and for those who have more experience but need to hone their skills further.

All my-KART members and guests are eligible for the K3 category, although must attend the pre-race safety briefings.

This section reports the progress of the 2007 K3 series. The top drivers from 2006 have mostly been promoted to the K2 category, so who will be the new K3 winners? Will we see yet another photo finish in this series?

The new 2007 season comes with additional weight categories racing together in each races. There will be recognition of the winners of each of the weight categories as well as the overall winners.

Keep track of the progress of the K3 drivers only here on my-kart.org!

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