2007 KART series - K1 category (125cc)

2007 will probably see the first time a K1 series is run. The K1 category in the annual KART series is run on the 125cc karts. This is the ultimate amateur category is reserved for experienced karters, and for those who have had significant race experience in either the 100cc or 125cc categories. This category is the final bridge towards full fledged sanctioned competition karting.

Eligibility depends on proven track record in my-KART's K2 series, or validated experience in other racing categories. The initial pilot run on 2 December 2006 proved successful with 14 drivers racing a combination of rental and owned 125cc open category karts.

This section reports the progress of the 2007 K1 series. What will this series provide for 2007?

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saa73's picture

K1 drivers to watch out for in 2007.
"saa73" aka "AJK Makan" will be providing thrills without spills in 2007, and has shown promise and potential by coming in 6th during the Grand Finale 125 sprint event last Sat.
Rumour has it that he will heading back to his ancestral homeland in the Minangkabau highlands of West Sumatera during the "winter testing" season for intensive training. Climbing up volcanoes is on the agenda but the famous minangkabau cuisine may derail his fitness plans...."to makan or not to makan, that is the question.."...watch this space.

PS - Winnie & Jennifer wanted to come along but the wife wouldn't have been too happy eh? Smile

It appears to be quite tough to get the price to be "affordable" i.e. trying to meet members expectation with regards to getting to use 125cc karts on an exclusive basis at less than RM500. The option to run K1 races , say 6 races from Feb 07 to July 07 with 100cc engines exclusive to each driver's setup can be revisited. However, will members see this option as worthwhile compared to the K2 series using also 100cc rented karts but not on exclusive basis?