Practice fo Ironman Sunday 24th October 8:30pm

Yusnee and I will be going to Sunway this Sunday (24th Oct) to practice for the enduro race on 27th Oct.

Anybody keen? Format: free and easy, so see you there.

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What time? I have a wedding dinner but hopefully will try to sneak out early by 9/9:30pm!

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around 9pm. you'll have to sneak out earlier it seems! Wink

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How's the practice goin?

Rosli from Kartquest called me yesterday asking me to join next race. Well, i said about the problem i had with the ballot kart. He said the new karts only for KKW members, and for regulars with experience only. He said he can't gimme the new ones and coz i might damage it. what the f*#@!!. 2 times Alex Driver search and 1 Ironman with all the bad luck... Fuck them la.. i won't race in sunway ever again.

For Fazz and Yus, make sure you call rosli first before you race. Tell him your race background and make SURE you book the new karts. Don't want my-kart members be disappointed again.. Good luck!

Rosli's Contact No : 012 2133881

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I don't mind the old karts as long as they prepare it properly. If they neglect any maintenance and setup, then that sucks.

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Yeah, after all we're just having fun anyways..