Fellowship Ramadhan Dinner 5 Nov 2004

27 Oct 2004

Posted by TheFazz

Invitation to all my-KART members (muslim AND non-muslim) and their partners/spouses. I am organising a buka puasa dinner on Friday 5th November somewhere in PJ. Please respond if you are coming and tell me how many pax.

1. Fazz (2 pax)
2. Yusnee (2 pax)
3. Muhaymin (1 pax)
4. Azlan (2 pax?)
5. Bobot?
6. Wan Nuraini?
7. Azmee?

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PJ? from KL tak sempat la. Would suggest Bangsar or anywhere closer for all.

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Bangsar / Hartamas / Mont Kiara is fine.

Got to check pricing though.

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ok. count me in then. thanks biggrin

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Sorry guys, last minute changes. Too bad can't meet up with you all this friday due to emergency. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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So far:

1. Fazlur Rahman (2)
2. Shahrul Azlan (2)
3. Yusnee (2)
4. Azlee (2)
5. Muhaymin (1)
6. Wan Nur Aini (1)
7. Shaeran (1)
8. Simon (2?)
9. Ashraff (1)
10. Razmyn & Eileen (2)

So far 15/16. Please respond quick.

May drop by?
Brian F

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I sent an e-mail to Azlan to include 1 pax for me.

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need some help here...not familiar with hartamas area...is this place near uncle don's or is it around santini's restaurant...unfortunately I only know this 2 places...appreciate any help... :wink:

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razmyn - not sure where Santini is myself.

but if you are coming from KLGCC/LDP turnoff, you need to turn left at the traffic lights/flyover. You then proceed on towards the open car parks. Souled Out is there. please give me a call if you need further help.


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alrite..think I've got a rough idea of the location...thanks...
will call if I got lost..heheh :wink:

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Razmyn, Soul'ed out is the other side of Desa Sri Hartamas from Uncle Don's. Coming from the highway, do not take the 1st right turn to the Uncle Don area, keep going straight, past the Kiwi Express Cafe and then turn right. You will see Safiz mamak store. Soul'ed Out is behind Safiz.

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okie dokie...thanks...