RSVP: Final Round 10... Sat, 11 Dec 04 @ 0730 Shah Alam

Fellow KARTers!

Please respond if you wish to join the last event. I see that many of you can't wait for the last round event.

date: Saturday, 11 December 2004
time: 0730-1300
venu: Shah Alam Stadium
fee: K2 = RM150; K3 = RM75

0730-0800 - registration
0800-0830 - race briefing
0830 - first qualifying heat starts[/code]

As usual with the following additions:
1. videocam - preferably somebody who can also burn to CD-ROM
2. camera - preferably digital

Please sms / call me on my mobile to confirm. In general, the race will go on if the track is wet and rain has stopped. Citykarting has invested in drainage equipment - so may not need your mops.

moderator and organiser

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razmyn's picture

Sad fazz...can't make it again lorr!! will be back from Stockholm that very morning..but will be there to hand over my fees for the enduro... :cry: :cry:


my 1st mykart race!!! finally!!

k3 of course

OSFlanker's picture

Please include me for round 10, K2. Wei Li


Include me in rund 10, K2. Please!

Huffiz's picture

can't wait to race with you guys again. fazz, count me in. definitely will try come this time. >hafidz

udi's picture

Hi Fazz,

Count me in for the ffinal round. See you there ...

udi cool

Huffiz's picture

alamak.. superflyweight udi aka shumie is coming. fazz, he needs a weight penalty la.. hehe Smile

TheFazz's picture

"euss1772" wrote:
At last!! Tongue so difficult to get the new password..sorry la, froget to jod down during register. Now i'm able to join you guys in this mail group.. biggrin

yusnee - is that you?