Zero-2-100 race report

Fazz and anyone whom attended the recent zero-2-100 kart enduro, kindly share a field report on the race. Understand there was 2 sessions run, how did we do ?

Learn anything to add to future my-kart enduro sessions ?

Should my-kart enduro be run every quarter ?

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The ZTH endurance event was a lot of fun. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Stanley who was also involved in the organising matters. Also thanks to Stanley and Titan for sponsoring stickers and the PIT BOARD! Our team - Tail Happy Racing - comprising Stanley, Dennis and I had good fun despite the kart failure which costed us 4 laps. We continued but was subsequently penalised a further 4 laps due to a decision I made to bring in our 2nd driver towards the end of the pit lane window -which we breached.

My own race was good fun. The kart we took over after the first one failed was okay handling wise - I could brake late and still turn in - but lacked straightline speed. As a consequence I had a very memorable dog fight with another driver for many laps until the chequered flag. A few times he would pass me on power and I would take him back on the corners. He tried a number of times at a variety of places, but I managed to steal the position back from him.

My most memorable moment came at the end of the old start/finish. We were both passing another driver. My sparring partner took the right and inner line and I had no choice but to go outside of the kart we were passing. At the turn I committed myself to the outside and stayed on the outside and took back the position exitting the corner.

Given the success & enthusiastic responses from endurance races, myKART will make it a regular feature in the normal myKARTing season. We shall have endurance events every quarter.