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Submitted by Nohad on Fri, 17 Nov 2006 - 23:04

Any good place to go (in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand) to look for certified helmets for track use (cars).

So far I seen most of them are for bike use.

BATracer anyone?

Submitted by sabelt on Sun, 22 Oct 2006 - 05:36

Race driver manager game. It's FREE! Feel free to join them!

You'll be competing with other 'drivers' online. You may also advertise your sponsor/company in the website as low as USD20 in order to customise your own helmet, car livery, race strategy etc.

As a newbie, im currently competing in BTCC series championship. ID code: 8154. Come on! theres still few slots available.
There are few other championship as well..A1 racing, F1 and other touring car series.

You may only allowed to compete 2 championship series at time.

See you guys in the championship! Do look out for me, Ramsey Sabelt.