Starting with us and our race events

So easy! Just join our races. That's it.

To participate in any my-kart events, you need to create an ID on this website (click here) and then append your name onto the pre-registered participants list for the relevant upcoming event (click here) thread. We organise events for members and invited guests. Communication and member interaction is primarily at this website - so visit often.

* keep bringing guests to experience racing at its purest
** event race fees ranges from RM100 to RM250 as there are various categories and race formats
*** for first time registrations, please provide inform the moderator (necessary to eliminate spammers):

  1. how you found about my-KART
  2. your background (location and occupation)
  3. your karting / racing experience

Reference materials are found on the my-KART information menu bar and About my-KART.