my-KART Reference Manual

This Manual details the instructions in relation to the my-KART group, events and management. It also collects all the relevent my-KART event rules and regulations, as well as the important documents.

I am looking for more volunteers to write this manual together with me. For willing volunteers, I will give them author and senior member rights for managing content on this website.

This manual is a collaborative effort and will require each person to work together to come up with a full fledged my-KART manual. The manual shall contain the following content types (can be reviewed):

  1. my-KART information
  2. my-KART organisation structure
  3. Event definitions and descriptions
  4. Event regulations and supplementary regulations
  5. Event operations manual
  6. Tools, templates and documents
  7. anything else?

Any other member who would like to give feedback, please add your comments here.