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Submitted by TheFazz on Fri, 04 Feb 2005 - 23:40

A month has gone since the recent website refresh. It does appear to be getting some good participation.

However, I'd like to assess the user-friendliness and what more can be done to make it more active.

Please do give me your feedback.

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Hi Fazz,

Well done for our new website. From my observation, it seems like accessing international website. The color scheme is good. Practical and user-fiendly. I'm proud to be part of MyKart member where of course I would not be ashame introduce it to my friends.


Well Fazz,

There are some areas can be improved, but as at today, all required info and functionality are there. The most important things are easy to navigate, my eyes are not sore with unnecessary blinking and colour scheme is soft. May be in the future you will allow people to put their faces in the profile so that whenever results are posted, their face will be shown in the report as well.
For example, Champion for year 2004, Fazz ... then your pic. Thats cool man ... hehehe ...


Agreed about the pictures. Will need to figure how to put pictures in the member profile. You any good with PHP and mySQL?

Speaking of pictures... could you send me a digital picture of yourself in race suit... wanna put this in the race report. :)

btw - I posted a private message (PM) to you on the same subject... you just click on "view inbox (1)" link on the right menu.

[quote=siewweng]is there a way to send messages to members who are online here?
just like a simple "shout-out" kinda thing.... [/quote]

not sure what you mean by the shootout thing (do you mean the shout box?). If it is a shout box, I think there is a module available, but will have to check. But you can send PMs. Is that what you are looking for?