Discuss: Inter Car Marque / Club / Company challenge (3rd Dec 2005)

Submitted by TheFazz on Mon, 14 Feb 2005 - 11:08

Folks - I have reserved a slot on 3rd December this year to have an inter car club / marque / company challenge with the aim of expanding the myKART amateur karting activities to a larger group of people.

Teams would be limited to "major brands" and as such would carry (say) BMW Karters Club, AlfaRomeo KC, Shell KC, HP KC, Panasonic KC etc (alternatively, restricted to ONLY local brands!). Ideally, each club should get some donations from their principles. Existing myKART members can race in any of these teams, or as a group of myKART teams.

Format of the race is up for discussion, but can be enduros, or team sprint races (each team sends -say- 1 K2 driver and 2 K3 drivers) - or a combination.

I feel this is a great way to round off the 2005 season and at the same time gain more publicity specifically from major companies.

I aim for a maximum of 100 drivers.

What are your views on:
[*]number of drivers
[*]getting corporate contribution
[*]team branding / groupings

I would opt for endurance racing to promote camaraderie and team spirit, and this format also allows for more participants.

Each club can enter maximum of 2 teams and if there are more than 12 teams, we can do 2 endurance heats (say, 1 hour) in the morning followed by the final in the afternoon (2 hours) or we can do a mega 4 hour endurance with 6 members per team!

I believe BMW Club, Alfa Club, Shell & HP are certain entrants. Siemens, Panasonic, Petronas, Ferrari fan club and drift club are strong possibilities :)

I was thinking of an endurance as well.

But as an additional option, I was wondering if something like our normal sprint races would work... but with slight modifications to throw in the team element. I can go on in detail on this if you want?

We've done this in the Shell sports club, and seems to be okay.

A 4 hour mega endurance sounds interesting. But what is your views if a team gets a fairly slow kart and another gets one which is 1 sec faster than the 2nd best kart?

As this is a big event, the fee should be more so we can discuss with City Karting or KartQuest to tune and service their karts one week prior to the race.

Alternatively, the kart operators can test the kart one week before the race and add balast to any "hantu" karts.......

as what my conment at enduro discussion,if only we can get a good sponsors or citykarting/kartquest able to give a equally engine setting,all new tyres & new brake,then I think can be done for 4 hrs endurance.....
as we follow the same format with more strict to the R & Reg. 8driver a team with 4 hour race ,pit stop only 10 mins. at every 25mins race &
2 min refuelling ,i think we can make this enduro come true....

[quote=TheFazz]But as an additional option, I was wondering if something like our normal sprint races would work... but with slight modifications to throw in the team element. I can go on in detail on this if you want?[/quote]

Let me explain on this alternative option to the usual enduro.

Say, these are some assumptions:[list]
[*]each team sends 6 drivers (minimum total weight of 70kgs x 6 drivers)
[*]we have 15 teams (thus, total of 90 drivers)
[*]say, Citykarting can provide 12 karts in each race
[*]each driver should drive twice - that means 15 races total of 8 laps each (10 minutes)

We ballot the teams and set the grid position and kart numbers for the races... Each team would be assigned a grid position for each race as follows:

[CSV spacing=1]
Grid,Kart nos.,Race 1,Race 2,Race 3,Race 4,Race 5,Race 6,Race 7,Race 8,Race 9,Race 10,Race 11,Race 12,Race 13,Race 14,Race 15

Thus each team will decide on strategy for which 2 drivers to be slotted into the respective races.

Team scores will be given for each position in each race, and hence the winning team will be the team that accumulates the most points.

Points per position including podium bonus:
pos pts
1 20
2 16
3 14
4 12
5 11
6 10
7 9
8 8
9 7
10 6
11 5
12 4

Any thoughts?

A bit more explanation... assuming that each race including grid formation, 8-lap race, changeover, tinkering would take 20 minutes. This whole event would take (15 races x 20 mins) 5 hours.

If we include (say) 2 hours for registration, weighing in, ballotting and briefing, we will need 7 hours. So if we start at 0730hrs, we should finish at 1430hrs in time for lunch.

Of course, the duration would be less if we have fewer teams (10 teams, means 10 races).

This inter-XXX enduro race is a great idea. Will speak to our sports club to check interest. The last time the sport club held a kart race, there were close to 50 drivers, out of which we possibly may now field some 15 interested drivers, whom might be willing to pay for this adventure.

[quote=siangwei]When is the best time to ask or sent out the invitation of participant team? [/quote]

Siang Wei - I think firstly we need to see whether there is an appetite from the company teams / car clubs. The event is planned in Dec, so the invitation proper will be sent in the second half of 2005 so to have the urgency.

[quote=siangwei]Thanks Fazz,

I'll try to ask my company sports club whether there are interested to sent a team... or mayb more?

An assessment of how many drivers is sufficient, because we have not discussed on the number of drivers per team. The added idea to this event is to obtain sponsorship / donations from the companies... (no charity yet, cause we cannot legally collect money for charity).

Well, i think looking at the recent response from my office colleagues, i think i can safely say i hv about 12 fellas. Which i was pleasantly surprised. You'll get to see 8 of these fellas in the upcoming endurance race ... Team Axon A and B.

Enduro is good. Built up team camaderie.