The my-KART brand. purpose. responsibility. values.

The my-KART brand encompasses the following attributes:

  • the logo
  • core purpose
  • responsibilities
  • brand values

The my-KART logo

The my-KART logo depicts a circuit curve ending with a chequered flag. The upward curve of the circuit towards the waving flag indicates a progressive and forward thinking approach. The chequered flag reflects the diversity of grassroots motor-sports. The left part of the logo reflects the targeted grassroots level, and the graduation towards the chequered flag reflects my-KART's approach in developing drivers along the chain to higher levels of motor-sports from amateurs to champions.

my-KART core purpose

my-KART's core purpose is to make racing & karting affordable and accessible to a wider community. We wish to create opportunities for talented racers. To do this, our events need to be safe, fun, professional, competitive, relevant and sustainable.

my-KART responsibilities

We are responsible towards building the local karting and racing community. The customers are next. And this is followed by the bottom line. In this order.

7 brand values

The following are values we promote within the my-kart environment:

  1. unwavering focus on brand purpose and responsibilities
  2. strongly advocate safety and sustainability
  3. respect for others and practice diversity - uphold honour, fairness, dignity & transcend race, colour or creed
  4. act with total integrity and commit to quality & excellence
  5. communicate openly and honestly - we encourage two way communication
  6. practice teamwork - we work in a collaborative manner, leveraging on skills (and diversity) of each other with a singular focus on the objectives
  7. have fun and strengthen bond (family or otherwise)

feel free to give feedback.

it is important that we have a clear compass here to help guide our actions.