Incident - Rd 8

Submitted by timmsm on Mon, 20 Aug 2007 - 10:35

With regards to Lynda's unfortunate accident at the weekend, I think there are some issues we need to bring to CK's attention, which I have raised for my-kart core discussion which I hope we could develop into something constructive.

1. Handling an injured person
2. Flag availability
3. Tyre / safety barriers / signage
4. Anti clockwise track safety

[b]Item 1 [/b]- My-Kart strongly promotes safety and conducts safety briefings. Perhaps we could incorporate a small and simple "what to do" and "what not to do" in the event of an accident involving an injured party / parties.
Also, I think CK need to regularly brief their mechanics / track personnel of the same. Perhaps CK / My-Kart could work together to develop a generic safety plan for the benefit of both parties?

[b]Item 2[/b] - Can we suggest to CK to invest in more yellow and red flags which could be placed at strategic locations around the track. After Lynda's accident, I managed to run from the lap chart zone to the scene of the accident. I had to quickly decide between helping Lynda or avoiding further incidents as herds of drivers came to the straight! Since the mechanics were attending to Lynda, I quickly looked for a flag, a cloth... anything to wave! Obviously there was nothing and I had to do Lobster waves to try and convey my message to the drivers! Luckily the Rainman and myself managed to stop all but 1 driver or it could have become quite messy at that corner. The point I’m making is if there was a red flag available we could have managed the situation a lot better.

[b]Item 3 [/b]- Having spent a bit of time around the scene I noticed how unsafe that particular area was. A hand cut drainage channel had been dug in the grass run off zone. This was “protected” by the tyre wall which Lynda hit. Either way though, the tyre wall was placed BEFORE the run off area at the edge of the track, which seems dangerous to me. Surely, if you leave the track you should have a run off without any obstacles such as drainage channels and only then as a last resort be faced with the impact of the tyre wall? To make matters worse, there is track signage in various locations showing the distance to the corners… the signs are made of polycarbonate material but erected using steel tubing. Mama Lobster had an incident where she nearly got “speared” by the tubing and I noticed at the location of Lynda’s accident the sign was completely flattened. Imagine what could have happened if the sign wasn’t flattened and the tubing had punctured a body part?

[b]Item 4 [/b]- I guess this section should also be read in conjunction with Item 3 above, but it became apparent that the anti clockwise racing lines will direct the drivers into certain parts of the track where we would not normally be if going clockwise. In the case of the location of Lynda’s accident that area of track was dusty and slippery and easy to lose control if going wide. My suggestion is that if we take up our safety concerns with CK, perhaps we could do a track walk with CK both clockwise and anti clockwise to highlight our concerns, because certain dangers are apparent only in the anti clockwise direction due to the different approaches into turns. Alternatively, maybe My Kart could review the race format and run clockwise only instead of alternating?

I hope this feedback is useful for us to commence some discussion which can lead to concluding some safety enhancements jointly with CK.

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Thanks for the summary. My comments:

Item 4 - Yes, the characteristics of the track changes when we go anticlockwise. As a learning point, I think we need we need to do a track walk and perhaps a committee member go out in a kart to check track conditions. In any case, signages, etc, would need to be moved to different locations in a CCW configuration/

On item 1 - yes, we need to continuously educate all those involved, both my-KART participants, officials and CK staff. On flags, i'm prepared to invest in our own flags - we don't compromise on safety and having the right no of flags is critical.

Overall, after reading the threads, etc, I think the accident was most likely caused by the shoddy track condition at that turn, and compounded by tyres, etc, which are configured for CW, not CCW. Feedback suggests nothing wrong with the kart, but she most likely lost traction due to hittin the patchy surface.

Can't comment much as I haven't seen the track condition lately.

But as for CCW, I don't have any problems with this and I somehow find I clock better lap times in this direction. :P
The only dangerous part that I find is the right hand hairpin after coming down the start/finish straight.

Yes, its time to have a chat with CK. Thinking of doing that in one of the chicken wing visits...perhaps this weekened subject to confirmation.

just wish to add on. We should pre-brief kartes DO NOT STOP to help for safty sake, should incident happen as it is. Reason that will result more immobilise karts on track. Drivers should take decision from race admin of the race status, that means color flags.


I am quite concern reading that we have another incident here again on track. I think for this year, we have quite a few already and I would ask the seniors to sit down and analyse what we can do to both drivers, kart condition and emergency response team - to firstly reduce such incidents again.

From what I recall, most of the past incidents are driver(s) error so I think we must instill some form of system to instill drivining discipline. As a last option, maybe a demerit system should be implemented.

In regards to kart safety, we have always talked about this and I guess, the need to inspect your own kart for basic safety is known and practise by all.

Track walk/inspection - I guess my absence has not helped as this task was always done by me. As some will recall, I have the possibility to ride on a bike around the track to ensure that the cones are avaialable and ensure that barriers are adequately placed and far away from track edge. In my absence, PLEASE someone do this!!

It is sad that a driver has now crashed due to dirty track condition, which if we could not clean in time - at least we could have warned the drivers at the briefing if this is the case.

In regards to emergency response, the question to stop or not should be a logical choice since we are NOT IN REAL COMPETITION. I WILL STOP MY KART SAFELY, IN A LOCATION WHERE IT WILL NOT CAUSE ANOTHER INCIDENT. I said this because, we DO NOT have enough marshalls and hence at least we can at least warn drivers coming up to the incident area to SLOW DOWN. No flags? Wave your hands!!!!

Sure, CK should also be properly trained but I think this is an uphill task and hence this is something mykart has to take upon - and possibly create an emergency response team. ( until the st john arrives on the scene )

Fazz and all, pls see that the above is discussed ( an e-team ) and something done.

For the sake of My-Kart, please learn from this incident. I sincerely hope Lynda is recovering rapidly.