as an open source organisation

my-kart can best be described as an open source organisation.

Its origins were simply from the desire of two enthusiasts of having regular racing championships. All the work and efforts since 2001 has been completely voluntary, but importantly done because of a passion to racing, and sharing that passion with a wider group of like minded people. Nothing much is expected in return (except for the occasional championship points for the founders :) ).

To further understand the philosophy and concept of my-kart, do read this management article by Gary Hamel on Management 2.0 for the Facebook Generation. Management? Yes, do read it and everything that is mentioned in the list describes how my-kart operates.

Ever since its founding, my-kart always encouraged more and more members (and non-members) to volunteer to organise and manage the various events. Additionally, my-kart continues to encourage its members to come up with new ideas for events. Over the years, we've seen the Mega Endurance, the TEAMS series, the Mad Mega Endurance, IRONMAN enduro, and more.

Many of the members have from time to time come up to the committee members with new ideas. my-kart would like to encourage anybody who would like to implement new series ideas to do so under the my-kart banner. New series such as 125cc open, new variations of IRONMAN, Enduro, TEAMS series etc are encouraged. All that we ask is for you to brand your event ideas under the my-kart brand (please ask the committee on how this can be done), and use this website as the primary marketing, networking, collaboration and communication platform - no fee charged at all.

This website can be used as the marketing and promotions tool as well as information reference, or discussion platform etc. Do make full use of this site.

Let us know what you think.

[quote=timmsm]very nicely put, except for the request for "occasional championship points for the founders"[/quote]

we've been doing this for free for many years maa... starting to get slower and slower... so need help. :P

i would like to continue some discussion on this topic (which was alluded to in another thread

my-kart relies solely on volunteerism, collaboration and innovation to ensure that it remains affordable and relevant to its members and the karting enthusiast community at large.

any ideas / thoughts on how this can be improved further?