Website upgraded from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6

Submitted by TheFazz on Tue, 29 Dec 2009 - 13:05

i just upgraded the website to drupal 6 (

the improvements are very much under the skin, with some additional functionality and security improvements.

i also took the opportunity to revise the design slightly. do give me your comments.

over the next few days i shall be re-organising the menus and content groupings to be more intuitive and less cluttered.

so do give me your feedback here.

Forum topics

i made some changes to the site navigation menus.... hopefully for the better.

as you can see, the top menu bar has been vastly simplified. site materials are now grouped together into what is broadly 4 categories:

1. site introduction, read me first type information, any other information useful for those new to my-kart

2. content list which contains the latest posts, links to the images, forums etc

3. calendar of events for list of my-kart events and activities

4. personal account information

additionally, the side menu bars have also been re-configured to match the relevant pages you are visiting. for example, content related menus will be presented on pages where you are viewing content etc.

i have made these changes in line with some of the comments given by users at

i am yet to figure out how to simplify two other suggestions: (1) registration for the next event; (2) updated championship table.

tune in & give your feedback here.


i've made further changes to the site mastheads. took some Hi-Def images that i have in stock. however, these are temporary: i would like seek any volunteers to design some hi-def mastheads (965 x 118 pixels) that befits my-kart and each section of the website.

let me know if you can help.