calling photographers, designers - for my-kart's masthead banners

Submitted by TheFazz on Thu, 31 Dec 2009 - 18:26

calling all photographers and designers!

as you can see, i have redesigned the website. i hope that the new design is simpler, cleaner, and more pleasing to the eye.

one thing remains outstanding, though: the design of the page / section mastheads or banners. what you see right now are standard high definition photos of scenery and stuff. i would like to replace them with mastheads that are more in tune with my-kart's website purpose.

you will note that the masthead changes according to the group of pages you are viewing. for example, the "my account" page, and related subpages - the masthead is the statue head.

i would like to request the following volunteer work:

1/ high resolution photographs (at least 965 pixels wide and 118 pixels high).

2/ the hi-res photos should if possible reflect the website section goals* - they need not necessarily be karting themed, but is better if it is.

3/ somebody to help up with the masthead designs.

some of edywn, brandon and azlee's photos that capture certain mood and still / candid objects are the very type of photos that i am looking for.

please share your suggestions and ideas in this thread.

Forum topics

the frontpage ( should basically give the picture that my-kart is about the foundations of motorsport... making karting accessible to all, and developing talent into champions.

the "read me first" (, could be a first time / beginners introduction to my-kart. some visuals, that could communicate this is something like getting started ~ "starting a kart engine", or "putting on the helmet / suit / glove".

the "content list" are all the content updates, interactions on this site. perhaps a "newspaper" imagery?

the "event calendar" is all about the events. so perhaps an image of a "happening karting event"?

"my account" is for the personal profile of users on this site. so a more people centred imagery?

there are more pages in the sub sections. but this is to start the conversation.