credits and recognitions to my-kart volunteers

my-kart has been organising amateur karting events since 2001. this was even before the name my-kart existed, but the spirit of accessible and affordable karting in a safe, fun, competitive and professional environment was there already.

much of my-kart's success has been largely down to a lot of volunteer work. we mean A LOT. most of the volunteers help out only because they have the passion for the sport and serving others - to give the opportunity to others to experience competitive racing.

these unsung heroes are the life blood of my-kart. therefore, i am starting a thread to recognise these hardworking, passionate people who have made my-kart what it is in 2009 and onwards.

i will update this main post with the nominations and recognition from all of you. so do keep posting on this thread to appreciate our my-kart volunteers. feel free to echo recognition to certain individuals if you feel them worthy. keep it open, flowing and honest.

i'll start the ball rolling with my recognitions list for 2009:

1/ naza & luen for tirelessly setting up and running the successful K1 series

2/ edywn low for being the energy behind all of the new events, coming up with new (and mad) ideas, developing the rules, negotiating with AP, and running those events. to add, edywn has also been doing a lot of photography work, video work, and graphic design work for my-kart. a real hero.

3/ luen for creating opportunities with sponsors and partners to work with my-kart

4/ mark for using my-kart as the platform for team televas racing and organising an event for rookies

5/ zul, ramsey and des - for helping out with the televas rookies selection process over many months

Thanks Fazz for starting the ball rolling on this one and in my view:

...nothing can take away the sincerity of the my-kart club committee members in giving their valuable time, effort and sometimes money amidst other responsibilities to manage the club for the sake of grassroots motorsports!

No less important are the contribution of others who had assisted the club in organising, administering and implementing all the races and other activities on and off track.

My deepest appreciation to you.

we missed the recognitions of 2010. so i would like to make it up here.

i would like to once again recognise the following individuals for keeping the my-kart volunteer and community spirit up:

1/ naza - for continuing to drive the K1 series; for constantly dealing with Citykarting, negotiating and getting deals done; for arranging those once off events with edwyn.

2/ edwyn - for his enthusiasm in coming up with new events, complete with rules, administration and negotiation; for the annual MME; for his leadership on the technical side; and for the photographs via bubblypictures

3/ zul - for his support in events administration and the bubblypictures photographs

4/ lynda, em'ly chang and izwan helmi - for helping out with the MME on 10th Dec

5/ for the K3 volunteers - led by Ilyas James, Zul Atfi, Hasmi Izan, rizal basri, liyana khalid, effy erfan, syamsul razmin, kraisorn and a few others i may have missed out - thanks for helping out with the K3 series.

6/ tarmizi - for his unique race & safety briefing.

7/ to the folks at TeleVas for the technical stuff that helps support and promote my-kart outside of our regular events

8/ azlan and yusnee - for keeping track of the money.

Thanks alot to all that have been helping out, especially those behind the scene. There's alot of pre, during and post event planning that is needed. Everyone that 'works' during the races are doing them on a voluntary basis and my thanks goes out to all of you..... Without this, there would be no my-kart without it, there would be no affordable kart races/series.....


Hi Fazz,

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate with the my-kart series..and being one of the volunteers for K3 series has tought us a lot on track safety and racing rules...

It's all about passion that counts... Racing / friendship on track and off track...

Not forgetting to Rizal / Yana / Effy / Zul / Hasmi / Tim / Kraison and to those who I forgot to mention names... Millions of thanks...

Let's not forget one very important person being running MY-KART for 10 good years. -- FAZZ

*applause applause applause* *confetti confetti confetti* *background choir : Joyful Joyful*

Happy 10th Anniversary, MY-KART.