Spirit of community, volunteerism and how you can help

It is now January 2012.

We now advance into the tenth year of my-kart's events since our first season in 2002.

Since that time ten years ago, the spirit of my-kart has remained the same. We organise our events because we feel passionate about the sport. Because we want to enjoy ourselves in a safe, fun, affordable but competitive manner. Because we want to help bring others into the sport as easily as possible. We just want more friends, and to meet people who feel the same way about the sport.

We hope within hope that someday, what we do with the sport at the entry level makes a difference. Perhaps someday. Perhaps one day, somebody who dipped their foot in karting via my-kart can go on to greater motorracing achievements at the international level.

That's our dream.

And we hope it is your dream too.

We believe that this needs to be done by all of us together. We want to maintain the purity of our cause, our events, our friendship, and our joy of racing. We also want to keep costs low because we know that this is a significant hurdle for many who love the sport, but cannot afford to be involved. Yet, we want to be financially sustainable because after ten years - we do not want to see the community we have built, just disappear like that.

Which is why we emphasise on volunteerism. We are a community.

Volunteers have been the lifeblood of my-kart for the past 10 years, and we believe it will continue to be so. Volunteers help keep the passion high, and costs low.

Over the years, many of our good friends have helped organise events; promote the events; negotiate with operators & suppliers; come up with ideas and execute them; come up with rules and write them down; identify areas for improvement and implement them; and the list goes on.

As the years pass, many of the familiar faces start to fade away, and new faces come to the fore to carry the my-kart banner.

As such, we wish to appeal to new members, new participants, new friends to step forward to help us move my-kart further forward. We believe many of you can do more than what the founders and early members of my-kart could do.

This is our appeal as we look forward to the next ten years for my-kart. You are all empowered to use the my-kart name for any positive reasons that fulfills my-kart's purpose and help bring about the positive change to the motorsport community.

So do help us make my-kart better.

We wish you a Great New Year 2012.

Forza my-kart!